Attention: p2p & torrent users be aware!

First of all let us congratulate to al those of you who are smart enough to use torrent or p2p networks only via our VPN servers. As you know not all countries have such a decent policy as to allow their citizens do download freely files of the net. Especially if you are from USA, UK or France you should really think twice before you hit “DOWNLOAD” button if you surf under your own IP.

If you thought that it takes lots of time and effort to find you I am afraid you are greatly mistaken. To prove it I will direct you to a site called There, if you are a “good boy/girl” you will see an information the same as the picture to this post – We have no records on you. If, however what you see is similar to this (meaning with details of you and your IP address):

… that means you might got yourself into BIG, BIG trouble.

Picture above was provided while connected to our p2p/torrent VPN, as you can see our customers are using it a lot. Why does it make a difference?

Usage of p2p and torrent networks, as well as downloading music and films for you personal use is allowed in Netherlands. We believe that if you download stuff it is because it is not available to you in any other way or that (as we do!) will simply buy it (for example CD) if you like it. So, if you download “stuff| while connected to our VPN first of all no one will come knocking on your door (early Sunday morning 😉 ) and even if someone would want to pursue owner of this IP address… well, it is ours, so do not worry about it 😉

Our P2P / Bittorrent package costs $7.90/per month. Is it a lot, considering that there are no limits on speed or amount of data you can download and upload? I don’t think so. Bearing in mind that just a simple website con find out if you use any o above mentioned tools and what you download… how hard will it be for authorities in your own country to get those data (+ your name and home address)? The likes of RIAA are making their living out of pursuing users like yourself. No need to look hard to see how much it might cost you: And stories like that in every country there are plenty. People are getting letters from lawyers about paying hundreds or thousands of Euro and Dollars. ISP’s are cutting them of the internet.

Is it really worth it to save on you safety and privacy? 

Buy our Premium P2P/Bittorrent VPN and stop worring!

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