Blocked gambling sites – Polish crackdown

First of all let’s specify that blocked gambling sites are only an example of censorship implemented by government. In this case it is Poland and actions of Polish authorities to ensure more tax income. Some might say this is OK and understandable. However from some point of view it is also something that is an act of hypocrisy as well as something that limits your own, personal freedom. In the next part of this post will tell you why we are not sure such actions and similar are OK. Also we will tell you how you may easily bypass this sort of censorship with the use of VPN.

Blocked gambling sites – is it OK to block any sites?

Some might say “It is OK what a government is doing”. After all, many gambling sites operate outside of Polish borders. Those that are do not registered within the country do not pay taxes from the income they have. It is also true that not only Poland blocks access to gambling sites. But then again there is plenty of other companies that sell different types of services world wide and pay taxes only in one place. How are they different? Why is it OK for you to use services of company A from country X, but not of company B from the same country?

And as it often happens, gambling is only an excuse for furthers censorship actions. This has happened in few countries already and now is happening in Poland. According to after publishing list of  blocked gambling sites Polish authorities – in the name of public good and interest – will now try to block access to services offering Forex trade.

We admit – Forex trading is very risky. But lets face it, so is any stock exchange play or investments in general. Are you OK with the fact that it is government that says how and where you can risk and loose or earn your money?

How to bypass blocked gambling sites and any other?

In most cases national access to blocked gambling services is done on ISP level. When you try to access one of such sites, servers of your ISP will recognize this! It does not mean that your ISP is spying on you! They simply know articles you read online or when you’re watching porn. No big deal! – and you will be redirected to a different site with the information that what you are trying to do is illegal. In some cases site will simply not open at all – that happens quite often in case of information censorship. Foreign news sites suddenly don’t work. And that is it. But worry not! Solution to this problem is very simple. Please note! Even if you do not want to access any blocked site, do you really wish your ISP to know all your online moves?

Subscribe to a VPN service like our and use it on daily basis. Connect to a VPN server, encrypt your connection. This will automatically change the DNS server you are using and will competently cut of your ISP from any information about what you do online. As far as their data will show your device will only be connected to one place – VPN server. And better yet, ISP – or anyone who gives you access to the internet , a free public hotspot – will not be able to tell what sort of data you exchange. Is it Skype call? Are these P2P / Bittorrent data packages? All the data, all information you exchange with VPN server are securely encrypted.


The choice is yours. You may surf the web as you were. Agree to any imposed limitations and the fact that your ISP knows all your online moves. Or, you can try VPN, improve your privacy and anonymity online and even access blocked sites if you wish. If you want to try VPN first, simply click button below and register for free trial VPN account.


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