Is it worth to save on privacy?

Last updated on November 23rd, 2010 in Censorship

big_brotherIf you are French there is a good chance for you to know what HADOPI is and what that means for you. For all of you,  especially for those from Europe, have a look here. Have you ever downloaded a software, movie or a song using p2p or torrent network? Well, who wouldn’t? All of us would like to try thing first before we buy them.

What is BSA and why your should know it?

You probably also heard those “urban legends”  about letters with rather high bills that are send out to internet users in UK, Germany, Holland, Spain, Poland… we got same bad news for you – this is all true. Even if you do not live in France you can not feel safe! There is a very big, international organisation called BSA. They are the guys that are patrolling the biggest networks used for files exchange. They know exactly who, when, what, and where from was downloaded. Even if the files you are downloading are 100% legal, your details are pined and the system is checking what you do – just waiting for the right moment. Please bear in mind that HideIPVPN doesn’t encourage any form of piracy! HideIPVPN strongly believes that everyone has a right to be anonymous and safe when using the internet. Use of p2p and torrent networks is not a crime than why should someone monitor all the time what you do? It is like setting up a wire-tap to all phones, including yours, because they might be used against law. We do not agree with that.
If you feel that your privacy is important, please try one of our Premium VPN packages. All our servers are fast and reliable with no limitations in regard of speed or data transfer. Please remember that only servers located in Germany and Netherlands allow for p2p and torrent traffic.

Please remember our VPN is for you, to be safe not to break the laws. If you are not sure if what you do is OK, please read our Terms of service or simply ask us.

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