Soon, no anonymity in Denmark?

Internet anonymityEvery time we see distressing news we do try to point them out to you and show you, that your privacy is something worth to be considered about. The recent article from Electronista brings the news about latest initiative from Danish police force. In short it calls for complete lack of anonymity and privacy when access to the internet is considered.

We would like to emphasize on what the above mentioned article pointed out, as it is true in almost any country in the world. When you use internet in public places without submitting any of your personal details it can be considered fairly secure (but only where being anonymous is in question). It has other security disadvantages so we urge you to be very careful when accessing web sites with sensitive information about you (this is where hideipvpn might help sometimes – > access to the internet via public free hotspot – we will write a post about this shortly). Every ISP has all your details and has a complete knowledge of you internet activities. Are you 100% certain that if those data were ever stolen you will be safe? That no crook, will try to use this knowledge against you? Most of the time you can read about some high profile hacks, especially where credit card numbers are involved.

We think that if your IP, your name and your browsing logs would get into wrong hands that could be as damaging. This is why we, at DO NOT STORE ANY OF YOUR BROWSING LOGS. Also, because all connections between you and our servers are highly encrypted all your internet activity is also hidden from your Internet Service Provider.

All we as you is to think about it. Can you be sure that data in question will always be safe?

Have a look at our Premium VPN section and choose package that is right for you. Try it. Our service does not require any contract so if you will not be happy (impossible!!! J ) or if you will want to change your package it is not a problem.

Remember – Your IP is Your ID!

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