Unrestricted Facebook and Youtube Access Does Not Mean You Are Safe

restricted-accessIn the wake of recent events in Egypt and Tunisia more and more governments from that region of the world feels threatened by possible uprisings. In order to achieve as big control over its citizens as possible all ways of communications are monitored (if allowed).

Is access to Facebook and YouTube safe now?

According to Mashable site Syrian regime has removed a four year ban on social sites like Facebook and Youtube. It would seem it is safe now to access them and say and share what you think (bear in mind that sites like Facebook has been used to coordinate and prepare protests (date, time, place or just “LIKE” clicks on posts against local regimes)).

On the other hand Syrian security court has arrested and jailed for five years a 19-year-old blogger on charges of revealing information to a foreign country. As  Human Rights Watch reports all might have been done because of one poem she wrote and published that was critic towards freedom of speech in Syria. This is why we fell that although you can access Facebook without any restrictions all you internet activity is very closely watched.

If you do live in Syria (or know any one living in countries with the regime like in Syria) please, be warned. Nothing you do over the internet is anonymous for your local authorities if you do not use precautions (e-mails, blog entries ), forum comments, etc… all can be traced back directly to you through your IP address.

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