USA ISP can sell users browsing history – get VPN

We have some very interesting but at the same time very disturbing news to all Internet users from USA. If you read this post and happen to live in USA, got friends or family in USA we strongly encourage you – let them know! Let them know what is happening. What counter measures they can use to stop it. What consequences might follow to any average user. Now USA ISP can sell your browsing history to anyone! 

Is it true that USA ISP can sell my data?

Unfortunately, the answer is yes. Any USA ISP can sell users browsing history to a third party.  US House of Representatives voted on Tuesday in favor of changes to broadband privacy rules. New law grants ISP’s – Internet Service Providers – permission to sell their clients data to a third parties. This means yours and anyone else online history is now up for grabs!

Until now, if your ISP wanted to sell out your data they needed customers consent to do this. This way you knew when it happened and had control over this. Not any more. This is what the White House had to say about this – bear in mind that repealed restrictions were created under President Obama:

“The Administration strongly supports House passage of S.J.Res. 34, which would nullify the Federal Communications Commission’s final rule titled ‘Protecting the Privacy of Customers of Broadband and Other Telecommunication Services’,”

Once the new law will be signed by the President any telecom in USA will be able to compete with Google or Facebook on the online advertising market. Remember, Google or Facebook might not have access to your every single step online – but your ISP does.

What sort of data USA ISP can sell?

Basically your complete browsing history. Step by step, minute by minute, website by website. All your searches, queries, articles your read, services you use. If you are looking for health sensitive information or things that you consider even more private. All those information go through your ISP servers. All this info is collected and now your ISP will be able to sell it. Are you OK with this?

USA ISP can sell my data – what can I do?

The answer to this problem is surprisingly easy. Get VPN! This is exactly what CNN suggest in this situation. It is simple, elegant and easy to use solution. VPN tunnel is a secure way of connecting to the internet. It will cut off your ISP from collecting any data about you. All the information you exchange online will be fully encrypted preventing your ISP from knowing your activity. Not only that. With VPN active your ISP will not be able to tell even nature of the data – are you streaming a movie from or downloading torrent?

It will be up to you – when you do not use your VPN – to show your ISP what you do online. If you do not wish your insurance company, bank or even your employer to be able to buy data about you make sure you do not leave any data that can be collected.


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