(2) Task for contest. Prize: Limited Free VPN account

 And here we go, second contest with Limited Free VPN accounts to win! 😉 This time it will not require any drawing, singing or pottery but, as previously  only truly brilliant ideas will be awarded. So, if you are all ears (and ready) lets get to the details.With each new contest we try to achieve few things. We try to get you, community involved, we try to make it fun for you and we try to get promoted/recommended through you. We do hope that you talk about us, that with your assistance we can get to new people who (hopefully) will subscribe to our Premium service. We have never tried to mislead you – HideIPVPN makes its living out of Premium service (we are convinced, it is one of the best on the market) but unlike other companies we also try to make it as little “corporate” as possible. We have a feeling (if we are lucky it is mutual) we can treat you as partners and friends not just as customers. Because of that we try this (different) marketing approach and only you can prove that this is the right way to go. We do not spend money on advertising (after all it would be you who pays for it), we do contests and give-aways of different kinds, we even came up with the idea of rewarding our Premium service subscribers (not because we had to but because we can). We trust all this builds a positive image of us and that you will reward us by spreading the word about HideIPVPN and its service all around the world! 🙂 As we said, we want you to have fun and we want to promote through you… well this current contest is all about it.

New contest is about… ideas for news contests/give-aways! All you have to do is come up with the idea for such activity, describe it (in a fairly short and simple way) and send it to contest[at]hideipvpn.com – if we like your idea we will give you Limited Free VPN account (Free 1 yr VPN US/UK or NL). Your ideas would have to fulfil few of our requirements which are:

  • make it fun for everyone (both you and us)
  • make it simple! (we have to understand your idea and be able to explain it to everyone else)
  • make it “international” (remember that our community consists of people all over the world)
  • make it “promotional” (so that each new contest spreads the word about us, through you)
  • make it fun !!! (yes, we know it’s been mentioned but it is really important)
  • make it internet friendly (simply, as previous contests it has to work in the internet, on our Facebook Wall, on G+, etc.)

We hope, we have not missed anything….

So, to sum up.

  1. Come up with contest idea that will follow most of or all requirements above
  2. Send it to contest[at]hideipvpn.com + the information what VPN account you would wish to get (Free US/UK or Free NL)
  3. If you are contacted by us (we will do that if we like your idea) – please, share your “good news and fortune” on our FB Wall and/or G+ profile (we want/need to know everyone that we DO GIVE prizes for good ideas. Of course do not say what was your idea :-)!!! ).

In the mean time, tell your friends about us, connect to VPN server and stay secure!

After all Your IP is Your ID!

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