200.000 (more!!!) People Received a Letter – PAY!

Last updated on August 10th, 2011 in News

Today’s post is in a way related to our recent information about Google and other Internet companies presenting data to (in this case) US authorities even from servers located abroad. Let’s say that you do use one of the popular p2p/torrent clients. Perhaps you download games (to try before you buy) and as you know this is completely illegal. What makes it even worse is that most of you also upload stuff at the same time. Now we have two choices… maybe you think you’re safe because you use some sort of free “IP hiding” tool with your p2p program. Are you really? What about the searches you make to get stuff in the first place? Oh… you use google.co.uk (or other)? Again, follow the link above and than answer the question: would this be enough to get you IP under closer surveillance?

But back to the main subject. Most of you on the other hand do not use any extra service to ensure you and your identity will remain private and anonymous in the Internet. If you think that you do not have to we are very sorry to say that this is simply not true. And the best example of it would be news brought to us by Polish “Dziennik Internautów”. We read that since last year amount of people who were sued because they were suspected of sharing copyrighted materials has increased by 200.000!!!

Apparently Federal Courts were flooded with this type of cases, in spite of (officially) change of approach by the companies that owns those materials.

You can hear everywhere that they want to work together with ISP’s, invest in better education of users or that p2p portals will be the target of their attack instead of average user who happend to download 1 song. So… this is what public learns, but as we have just told you number of cases against “average Joe” goes up – not down, why?

This is very simple – money. Instead of going to courts against p2p/torrent portals and suing them for hundreds of millions of dollars (that those services do not have) it is easier, quicker and cheaper to pursue people. What is very popular in EU starts to be popular in USA.

Pretrial letters.

You will be informed what you have done (how serious criminal you are), that because of you company “X” lost thousands and thousands of dollars and that, well let’s put it simply – you’re screwed. On the other hand you will be offer a hand… PAY (less than previously stated) or go to court and loose.
If you do not wish to join those people like Jammie Thomas (24 songs = $54.000) or Joel Tenenbaum (31 songs = $67.000) we have some options here.

1. Stop using p2p/torrent services!
2. If you can not – invest in you privacy! (even the most expensive VPN service is cheaper than pretrial letter you might receive).
3. Do not do illegal stuff over the net but “invest” in increased anonymity anyway – just to be on the safe side.

According to TorrentFreak: since the beginning of 2010 – 201.828 were accused (out of those over 200.000 were using BitTorrent clients the rest eD2K). Against 145.000 cases are still ongoing. We are expecting to see much bigger figures this year.

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