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On more and more occasions, you might face problems with accessing certain websites. For many different reasons, access to certain sites might be completely blocked or restricted. Time for simple to implement solutions for every one. If you want to know how to access blocked website in almost any situation…? The answer is waiting for you right below. 

Who and why restricts access to websites?

Well, the simple answer is, that almost every one with enough knowledge to do it. To give you few examples and reasons. Private people, parents. If they know how to block access to – for example porn websites – on their home router. In most cases however they will ask ISP to do it for them. Most ISP’s these day offer similar service to filter internet traffic to certain places.

Schools, universities, corporations… They quite often have their own networks and and Admin, who maintains them. Blocked websites in such networks can include the likes of Facebook, Twitter and similar or many others that are considered as potentially dangerous. In some extreme cases, access 99% of internet resources – websites and services can be blocked. And employees through a company network can only access sites and services needed in their work.

Another entities blocking or requesting such blockades from ISP’s are governments. Websites used by terrorist, political opposition or – like in case of Polish example – those offering online gambling and not registered in Poland. In case of Poland and illegal online gambling, Polish Ministry of Finance now requests Polish ISP’s to block access to sites listed in their registry under severe financial penalty. So how is it done and how can you access blocked website?

Two ways to access blocked website

Solution you’ll need to use depends on the method used for blocking access to certain information. In most cases it is done by similar way our Smart DNS service works. Most users relies on default DNS setting provided by the network and service provider they currently use. DNS is a sort of an “map of the internet” server. It simply “knows” where to send the information, to which computer/server in order to get you the information you need. Show you the specific website you want, not just any. If ISP will now crate a list of sites and services that should be blocked, when you enter address or name of such site it will ether simply not open. You might also see an information – if special landing page is prepared – that site you requested is blocked & why.

Solution 1 – use Smart DNS to access blocked website

If that is the case solution to the problem is very simple. Use different DNS server. For that matter you can use our, Smart DNS server. ISP can “sees” that the website or service you are accessing is blacklisted. But since the traffic is now controlled by DNS server independent from ISP you will get access to blocked website. What should you do it this will not work?

Solution 2 – use VPN to access blocked website

Sometimes – especially if you wish to access sites “blacklisted” by the government blockade goes deeper than just to DNS server. In such cases – due to financial repercussions – ISP will “physically” block access to such websites. For you, that meas you need to go around ISP network, encrypt your traffic and hide the target you are actually accessing. The tool that will allow you to do it easy is called VPN.

VPN connection creates virtual tunnel – impenetrable to anyone from the outside, including your IPS. Simply, they do not see what you access. Because of encryption, the only address they can see is the one under which our VPN server operates. This works both ways. No one from the “internet” side of things can see you and your real IP address. And from your side, VPN server is the only server visible to ISP.

Can I try VPN & Smart DNS first?

Sure! We understand that many of you might not be sure what to expect and how all this works. In order to make things for you easy and simple we crated free trial option. Click button below and register for free trial. Download free VPN & Smart DNS apps for Windows, MacOS, iOS or Android. You don’t need credit card to try our services! Once registered we will send you your VPN login and password. Of course you may also contact our support at any time if you’d have any questions or problems.

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