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Last updated on November 30th, 2017 in News

You ask us a lot for free accounts. Although we are unable to supply you with unlimited number of such accounts, we do our best to give away as many as we can, as often as we can.
As you know our service is a commercial one and as such we have to pay for the servers, equipment, staff, traffic, etc.
At the same time we want HideIPVPN to grow and expand but only under condition, that we will be able to upkeep current, top quality of the service.

This is why even number of Premium accounts that can be bought every month is limited. We want to make sure that if you do decide to get one and pay you will be totally satisfied with us .

In order to combine the two we want to ask you for help.

If you run an IT blog and want to review our service, if your friend owns a web site about gadgets and would be interested in promoting our commercial service through review, etc. – we are open for cooperation!
If you got an idea, what sites in your country should be contacted in order to review and promote HideIPVPN or if you have any other idea how to change, improve or in general promote our service, please contact us at:  tg[at]

We have to mention that we would like to avoid getting hundreds of emails like: “This is great site – you can/should advertise (meaning pay for banner) there.” This is not how we work and how we want to to do our business.

You, our users are the most important of our assets and we want to grow through you, for you and with you. This is why we think that being recommended by you to your friends and colleagues, getting a good review on different (not really commercial) IT sites and blogs is the best way to get to you.

Everyday you (and us) we are getting emails with ads, we see (or if we are clever to use ad blocking software – we don’t) lots and lots of banners and pop ups everywhere. HideIPVPN wants to be different.

This is why we are the only service that holds giveaways of free accounts, this is why we limit number of Premium accounts that can be activated every single day and this is why we do not offer access to many different IP’s (but on a slow and unreliable servers).

So, if you have an idea that might help us to let more people know what we are and that they can trust us – do not hesitate and let us know!

We promise that if we will like what you propose, if we like the link you supply (and site you recommend will get in touch with us) we will provide you with Free VPN account.

Thanks, HideIPVPN Team

And remember – Your IP is Your ID!

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