Apple TV 4 unblock US and UK services

Apple TV 4 Unblock US and UK servicesApple TV 4 is out there for a while now. We suspect, that as the previous models, this on is also quite popular with you. If want to know, if and how it is usable with our services, please read our post. Here is how to perform Apple TV 4 unblock to watch best VOD from USA and UK.

Apple TV 4 – Unblock US and UK iTunes.

In order to enjoy any videos on your new Apple TV 4 you need to install apps. Like on other iOS devices it means connecting to iTunes App Store. This is where you might encounter first problem. In App Store there is also geographical blockade. Each iTunes account is restricted to apps from specific regions. That means if you want to download apps like Crackle, Hulu, ABC, etc. you will need to create US iTunes account. Same for all British iTunes apps.  Once accounts are created you will need to “Sign In” with each ID on your Apple TV 4 in order to download apps you want.

Apple TV 4 – VPN or Smart DNS?

To unblock Apple TV 4 VOD services you need to use our Smart DNS service. Unlike iPhone and iPad Apple TV does not support VPN. But don’t worry. Using and setting up Smart DNS on Apple TV 4  is very easy. Here you can find easy to follow, step by step instruction: How to setup Smart DNS on Apple TV 4? Alternatively, you can change DNS settings on your home router. If you do so, Apple TV 4 unblock will work with all sites listed below as long as your IP address is updated (as required by Smart DNS service).

Apple TV 4 unblock US and UK VOD

Following services are available to watch with our Smart DNS and Apple TV 4

unblocked us services


Here you can find our full list of restricted services that you can access using our Smart DNS.

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