Are there any “hidden” benefits of VPN access? – part 2

Last updated on September 28th, 2012 in News

We talk a lot about safety, privacy, anonymity as these are main focus points of using VPN in everyday life. Another positive thing about access to the internet through VPN is entertainment – TV and films you want, when you want, in other words much richer VOD than it would be with your original IP (unless you actually are in USA).  But we see additional positives of using VPN, especially for those of you who live outside of US and UK.Continued…

In previous article we have talked about how access to VPN servers and a right VPN Premium package can actually save you money. We will now tell you about one more benefit.

In our opinion there is one more, enormous positive thing with all possibilities mentioned previously and presented by VPN technology. We think they should be (especially) considered by all readers who do not live in USA or UK and for whom English is not the first language. Watching TV and movies in their original form (not always possible through your home TV) will have huge influence over your English skills. There is no better and more pleasant way to learn and/or stay in touch with language, than being able to watch programs and listen to it in its “living form”. In case when you will not understand a phrase, because you are using Video on Demand (and very fast VPN service) you can always rewind and listen again. As many times as you need. This way you not only learn separate words but the whole phrases and you know and see exactly in what context they have been used.

Oh, I am more “must see” person” – meaning you prefer to read than only listen. No problem. Services like Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Hulu will offer you option to turn on subtitles in English. This way you can watch, listen and read at the same time. You will know how to spell, how to understand different accents and when to use those sentences… like “I’ll be back” ;-). Seems to us like VPN is all win situation…

Isn’t than VPN worth a try? Combine that with what we wrote in the first part of this article, that VPN = increased safety, privacy and anonymity + all the benefits mentioned now, can you beat all that with what you pay for today to you cable or satellite provider? Don’t wait, try VPN access today, all our VPN servers are for you to use 24/7 ;-). And if you see even more benefits of VPN access, please share them on our Facebook or Google Plus profile.

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