“Back to school” VPN special!

This is special announcement to all students, pupils, teachers and lecturers from all over the world. HideIPVPN understands that end of holidays might be very difficult and unpleasant time for many of you. Because of that we thought that perhaps there is something we can do in order to make this process a bit more enjoyable.Before you will read the details remember that this offer last for 2 days only!

Unfortunately we cannot stop time, we cannot move you back to the beach or wherever you were to “recharge batteries” this summer. Well, we do not even know your exact holidays dates – some of you may already be at schools –  teaching and learning our choices were limited. After long discussion we have decided to try to bring smile to as many faces as we can and the best way to do it (that we know) is to offer something cool (yes, our Premium VPN packages) for less (we will get to details in a moment).

As some of you may know, not that long ago we have introduced new VPN protocol to our network. SSTP VPN protocol – this is the one we talk about – is (as far as we know) perfect for students. Most of you use you computer or tablet at school or university. Such networks are quite often target for hackers or pranksters and as such are a lot more secure that anything you may encounter on a daily basis. Schools and Universities quite often use special firewalls in order to stay safe from attack and to censor sites students have access to from within school. We do understand such policy, however in many cases it is quite troublesome for users themselves. You may find you got a bit of time between classes and want to use Facebook, Youtube or sites like Hulu and school servers will not allow you to do so. This is where we come!

With the use of SSTP VPN protocol you should have no trouble in connecting to our VPN servers as it uses very common port for incoming and outgoing connections. This way internet will become open again.

Now… special deal we have told you about.

Choose any of our Premium VPN packages and during registration enter “SSTP” as the promotional code. This code will allow you to enjoy AWESOME!!! 25% off nominal price of any VPN package (that allows SSTP access). This discount will last for first 3 months (applies to packages in a monthly billing cycle).

Unlike in case of many other services you know this offer is for both new and existing customers.

We hope you will use all the accounts we have prepared on this occasion (number is limited!) and that you will stay with us once your 3, discounted months are gone.

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