BBC UK VPN problems – we’re on it!

blogbbciplayerOver past few days BBC has taken more serious approach against VPN providers. Don’t worry, though we are aware of the situation. As with all other services you love and access via our network we will do our best to make sure BBC UK VPN is working. For now lets us tell you what is happening, why and what to expect.

BBC UK VPN might not work (sometimes)

News about this were brought to our attention from two sources. Our customers and TorrentFreak. Seems that BBC concerns over “VPN piracy” have grown to a point where they started to block UK VPN servers. In most cases such actions (you may remember that Hulu, Netflix, Crackle did similar actions in the past and yet… you can still access them) are not held forever. However we need to be honest with you. Over upcoming days it might happen that BBC iPlayer service will not be accessible via some of our VPN servers.

Currently affected UK VPN servers…

HideIPVPN service has been lucky (fingers crossed) for know. At this moment our UK3 and UK7 VPN will not work with BBC iPlayer service. If this changes we will inform you immediately. All our other UK VPN servers as well as Smart DNS service are not affected.

If you run into any problems with BBC UK VPN access please let us know and we will advice you accordingly.

We are here to help


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