Be active, be rewarded!

Hello to all HideIPVPN members around the world. We would like to share with you our latest idea which involves words like VPN; FREE; EVERYONE. Some of you may have noticed recently, that when we have shared our post about VPN protocols or the one about Paralympic Games we asked for your comments on the subject. We have also promised that one of you, with most interesting opinion on the matter will be rewarded in a special way. Today we will explain how we do want to make it work for the future, why and what you will have to do to get a Free Premium VPN account for a month.

HideIPVPN is keen on different approaches in order to get more customers, more interest in our service and more loyal Friends. Our newest idea will try to get you more involved in communication with us. We will try to make you more active on our Facebook Wall and Google+ profile. We hope that this way we slowly will get to your Friends and Friends of your Friends. As you see, we say about this in a very open way.

How do we want to do this, so there is a bit of fun in it for you as well?

Very simple. Regardless of your current status with HideIPVPN, if you are already with us or only thinking about joining our “family” you will be able to gain something. From now on you may expect that under many or most of our posts on FB or G+ we might ask you to “Like” and/or “Share” or give “Likes” to other comments. Depending on day, mood, post, situation we or you will choose someone who will be awarded Unrestricted, Unlimited, Unchained Full Premium VPN account for FREE for 1 month!

You may ask, what will happen after this month of freedom…. well we hope you will like our service so much you will stay with us for good, but we can promise that you will not be forced to purchase in any way. Simply, such account will expire after 1 month.

It would not be fair of us if we would limit this only to people who do not have an account with us. HideIPVPN members hate, when in real life companies we use are creating new and exciting offers but for “new members only”. Because we don’t like it ourselves we will not behave in the same way. What this means for you, our Premium account holders is, that if one of you is rewarded we will extend your current account for 1 month. And it does not matter if you are paying each month or you have paid (smart choice by the way) for whole year in advance. All and any Premium accounts that will be selected will be extended.

Now, lets start… shall we? On Facebook – “Like” entry with this post and “Share” it. You are half way through 🙂 Write in few words, if this idea to promote our posts and site this way is – Good or Bad or ELSE?

Important: place your comment directly below posts we will share on Facebook or Google+. Comments shared separately on our Wall will not take part in the game!

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