Best VPN of 2016 – can we do it together?

Last updated on December 31st, 2015 in News, SmartDNS, VPN

Best VPN of 2016As you probably know, HideIPVPN VPN and Smart DNS service has seen a lot of changes in (almost) past year. We hope that most of them were welcome by you. Now we are already looking into the future. We hope that with your engagement and feedback you will help us become best VPN of 2016!

Best VPN of 2015 – what has changed?

To become best VPN of 2016 service like ours has to start work early. In our case this was whole 2015 year. In the last 12 months you could witness a lot of changes to our VPN and Smart DNS service.

Our Smart DNS has seen plenty of new unblocked services and new regions. We have managed to ad unblocked websites to even more devices. Not to mention that fact that Smart DNS has worked flawlessly throughout the whole year. We hope that it will be a great foundation to make it best 2016 Smart DNS service.

Same goes for our VPN service. New VPN servers in new locations, new countries like Poland VPN and French VPN, complete hardware upgrade of our VPN network and (what is probably most important for you) we have managed to do all that without raising any of our prices.

We have updated our VPN apps for OSX and Windows and at the same time we have introduced new, Android VPN and iOS VPN apps.

As is it always the case with HideIPVPN we were always listening closely to what you say and need. We try to be as close to you as possible and as flexible as we can. Now we aim to become best VPN of 2016.

Best VPN of 2016 – only if you help.

In order to achieve that goal we need your help. Only through you and with you we can make our services the best VPN of 2016. How do we plan to do it? This post is the first step.

We know you are busy and the best service is the one that just works and you do not have to think to much about it. However we would kindly ask you to spare us  few minutes of your time.

We would love to hear what features introduced in past year you like and appreciate. What was not so great. What are you looking for to see in 2016. And that is about all and any parts of our services. Website, apps, blog, VPN network itself. If you want us to be better you need to help us grow.

Please, write you comments below, on our Facebook Wall or Google Plus. Those we find most valuable and interesting we will reward to thank you for your help.

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Happy NEW YEAR Friends!

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