Big changes to HideIPVPN!

As you probably know in recent weeks we have upgraded and updated our free VPN apps for Windows and macOS – you can read more about it here. And if you thought for one second that this are all changes in our service, you were wrong. Here is an update of what has changed and what is about to change very soon. 

What’s new to our service?

There are so many cool changes it is hard to decide where to start, but let’s try anyway. First of all, we have changed VPN software on our servers. Additionally some servers (although the name/address will remain the same) have been physically upgraded – hardware used on more popular servers is not a lot more powerful than it used to be. We noticed that some VPN locations and VPN servers are more popular than others. We wanted to make sure, that you will always get the top utility service form us and best VPN experience – meaning speed, stability, unrestricted access to the internet content. So, to be a bit more specific…

UK VPN changes

UK VPN server list. UK6, UK8 & UK3 are upgraded and are now ready to welcome more VPN users.

USA VPN changes

Do you remember our post about unblocking Netflix USA? We know many of you welcomed access to American Netflix. With that in mind we have upgraded second VPN server in USA. Right now, you can unblock Netflix USA through US2 and US4 VPN servers. Both will offer you top quality streams for Netflix US.

Netflix US via Smart DNS

It is now possible to access and watch movies from Netflix US via Smart DNS service. However, if you have Smart DNS setup on your home router and you wish to access “local” Netflix content, please change “Website region” in Client Area – go to your VPN package, choose Smart DNS and scroll down to Region Setup. Switch from US to UK. Choosing UK will allow you to access your local Netflix content instead of US one.

Note: Please note that the unblocking process of the USA Netflix via our VPN and Smart DNS services is still in beta testing.

Polish VPN changes

There is another VOD service that is very popular with our clients – HBO Go Poland. As of now, you can access HBO Go Poland from anywhere in the world through all our VPN servers in Poland! And don’t forget that you can watch HBO Go via Smart DNS service on selected platforms too. You can subscribe to HBO Go via website  – no need to be a client of any digital TV platform in Poland!

P2P VPN changes, new server, new location

But the good news do not end here. Some of you may have noticed that some of our P2P VPN servers were missing. Since they were hardly in use we thought you will benefit from new P2P VPN servers in new locations. We are happy to let you know, that the first one has already been added to both BitTorrent VPN package as well as Ninja Power VPN. New P2P VPN server is located Vilnius, Lithuania.

We are not far from finishing tests of another new VPN server – with P2P & torrent functionality – in Luxembourg. You can expect to see this new VPN server and new location in your Ninja Power VPN & BitTorrent VPN plan very soon.

To summarize…

We hope that the changes we are introducing to HideIPVPN service will be welcomed by you. If you would notice any issues or problems with above mentioned servers or services – please, let us know. Out Support Team is here for you with all queries and questions.

And if you have not tried our services yet, what’s stopping you? It is free and easy to try! Why not give it a shot?

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