Bloggers arrested in Saudi Arabia

From time to time we show you an examples of what might happen if (especially in non democratic countries) one does not take proper care about his or her anonymity in the internet. Again with help of we bring you the story of bloggers in Saudi Arabia.As you all know Hide IP VPN is proud to provide VPN services to every one. We do our best to help you stay safe and secure at all times while browsing the internet. With our Premium packages we keep your real IP hidden at all times. It is hidden from the servers you access (and because of this you can easily watch HULU, ABC or BBC) but also (and in this case it is more important) from your own Internet Service Provider. Even if you access banned sites in your country or make comments on sites or blogs about politics your ISP will not know that you have had access to them. All that will be visible to someone who tries to spy on you (and in case of countries like China and some others in Middle East 100% of internet traffic is being monitored by ISP’s and security agencies) is you accessing just one server somewhere in the world. Since our servers are not black listed it will not raise any suspicions and even if it would, because we do not have any browsing logs and all traffic between you and us is highly encrypted it will be impossible to prove you have done something illegal (the same goes for p2p and torrent traffic, if it is banned in your country).

We also try to help you whenever we can, hence another Hide IP accounts giveaway.

New accounts will allow you to use our servers located in Netherlands. They guarantee a safe, fully anonymous browsing of the internet. As an extra bonus you will be allowed to use all sorts of p2p and torrent clients. With this sort of account you can safely post, blog, say what you thin wherever you want and also exchange files with your friends via peer 2 peer.

We urge all and any of you. Do not take issue of anonymity in the internet lightly as it is very serious thing. Tell your friends and family, not about us but about the problem in general. Of course we will be more than proud if you recommend us, but we will also be very happy if you will signal the problem to others.

Be safe, be anonymous and remember,

Remember, Your IP is Your ID

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