New Anti-Piracy System soon in U.S.

 Copyright Alert SystemCopyright Alert System (CAS), this is what is coming to your home (if you live in U.S.A.). Before we tell you what it is and what it might mean to you, let us start with date. Next Monday, 4th of March is a supposed day when the system will go live. Now, this is what you need to know! Who will be affected?

All  AT&T, Cablevision, Comcast, Time Warner, and Verizon customers. It is either now part of your terms of service or it will be very soon. All those providers have signed deals with content copyright holders (movie and music industry giants) in which they all will try to cud down illegal file sharing.

How it will affect me?

From what we read and understand all your traffic will be monitored and checked against illegal file sharing. Service will be automated and there is no way to say if/what/for how long your data will be kept. Logic would say that your traffic will be monitored almost instantly but some data will be kept in case a proof that ToS was breached has been made.

Now if you are caught (does not matter if you really did it – what matters is that system has to assume so!), CAS will send you 2 e-mail and voice messages with a warning – You have been caught! With next two strikes you will be forced to some “educational” materials – so, that you know what is legal and what is not. Last two “strikes” is where all this gets nasty (as if traffic monitoring by your ISP was not enough) – your internet connection might slow down a lot. Basically it will be unusable for couple/few days (check your ToS for details or call your ISP).

In theory that is it. CAS system should be deactivated on your broadband. You have been caught 6 times and you were treated with educational process. But, since you were caught 6 times… wouldn’t that be a perfect proof of how guilty you are in court if one of the copyright holders would want to use those data? Are you sure they will not?

For more details of how it all works and what it means we direct you to source (bottom of the post).


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