CISPA is back

CISPAWe have no doubt you have heard about PIPA, SOPA  & ACTA (just search for those names on our blog). Right now, Americans are very close of passing this bill through. The Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act (CISPA) it is something you should be worried about. As we read in article about CISPA at this bill has already passed through House Intelligence Committee after debate behind closed doors. The most worrying part is that all issues raised by privacy and civil liberties groups have not been addressed at all. On of the mayor ones is “CISPA could shift control of the federal government’s cybersecurity program for the private sector to a secretive military intelligence agency.” – Greg Nojeim.

If you are uncertain what CISPA is (and it is actually much worse than all above mentioned). Please read what gizmondo had to say about it in April last year, let us quote:

CISPA is a proposed national “cyber security law” bouncing around Congress…that would let websites you use hand over your personal data and read your email…based on very vague terms…with very little oversight…and some powerful backers…and one very, very powerful critic. The President.” In short – Republicans are PRO CISPA & White House is against. But it is not the President in US who creates laws.

As much as we like the idea of getting even more satisfied VPN customers we are not happy with this sort of approach. If they succeed Americans might wake up one day (very soon) to the reality of Chinese internet users. Where you will not be able to access any internet sites that were black listed  (most of the time powerful consortium (Hollywood) will simply ask people in charge of CISPA to close down access to sites, services they don’t like). No court, no judge, no appeal. Your IP, your data, your files, your e-mails – “they” will be able to use anything to prove their point against a citizen or a company. And who is to say that “old” data that are now kept as logs will not be used?

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