Data retention changed in Germany

bloggermanyOnly few days ago we have brought you news about data retention changes in Australia. Seems like this trend continues as today data retention laws have changed in Germany. Do you need VPN right away? We will try to answer that.

Data retention – why is it important for everyone

We suppose you all know what national data retention is where telecommunications are concerned. Basically, ISP’s GSM operators and all other telecom companies are required to store certain records for certain period of time. What data are kept, for how long, how are they stored and accessed is different for each country. However one thing is certain the more freedom citizens of each state have the less data are retained. We would advice for all readers to check what policies are in force in their countries. Also, it is worth to mention that at least where Internet access is concerned using VPN can help retain more privacy for users and give government agencies less material for data retention.

What will change in Germany?

German parliament (Bundestag) has passed the law that will require all telecommunication companies to retain data of its customers. Those data will be made available for law enforcement agencies in Germany. To be more specific “phone providers will now have to retain phone numbers, the date and time of phone calls and text messages, and, in the case of mobile phones, location (approximated through the identification of cell phone towers).” Also, “Internet providers are required to save the IP addresses of users as well as the date and time of connections made,” – Lawfare blog explains. This law will now have to be signed by German President. We will let you know once this happens or if anything changes on the subject.

Do German users need VPN today?

Yes, of course. And not because of the data retention changes we have described above. As we wrote, they are not in power (yet). But as we say over and over again in different posts on many occasions. VPN helps to retain your privacy, increase your anonymity and secure your data and identity on many levels. It might help preventing big companies gathering data on yourself or help secure your device on public networks. There is a lot more examples, when VPN is a must have.

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