Demand Five Is Changing…

As you know thanks to HideIP VPN you can enjoy British TV all over the world. Most of you (that are not from Britain) probably heard only about BBC Television. But with our UK based VPN servers there is a lot more to watch and enjoy.

One of the main British TV Channels is Five. We have news, that they current offer and web site is undergoing major update. Some of you probably have used Demand Five from time to time.

All accounts set up with Demand Five will be closed on 1st of November but you can already use their new service and set up new account here: . Here you can find a list of all their current shows and programs: For all their existing customers, please remember:
Demand Five is also withdrawing their paid for rental programmes service from the current Demand Five website on Wednesday 20th October.
As you all know in order to watch all free TV streams available in United Kingdom you need to Hide your original IP and disguise it with IP based in UK and of course available from HideIP VPN.

Currently you can choose from this packages:
Super Premium VPN US UK DE NL (P2P Traffic allowed)
Premium VPN US UK NL (P2P Traffic allowed)
Premium UK2 VPN
Premium US UK DE  (P2P Traffic allowed)
Premium UK VPN
Please note, that with DE and NL servers all Torrent and Peer 2 Peer traffic is allowed. You can upload or download all your files in fast and SECURE way. With US servers you also get access to sites like HULU, FOX, PANDORA and many others.

Thank you for choosing HideIP VPN!

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