Did you send your browsing data to China?

facebook-route-problemFrom time to time we try to warn you that there are always things why you should think on your internet security and privacy. Even if you are the most legitimate of all internet user, if you do not need to unblock any restricted sites (like HULU in USA or BBC in UK), if didn’t ever used any p2p/torrent client you should still think about making you connection to the internet more secured and protect your IP address.

We will show you in a moment that even if you do not do any of the thing listed above all your data and traffic (unsecured) still might find its way to a place you would last expect. And one more thing for you to think about. If things like what you will read below are happening to big and legitimate companies like AT&T, how about all those other places (thousands of them) that are offering you free but unsecured access to internet over Wi-Fi. Are you sure, no one ever monitor your traffic in places like that?

Did you send your browsing data to China?

“Quietly this morning customers of AT&T browsing Facebook did so by way of China then Korea. Typically AT&T customers’ data would have routed over the AT&T network directly to Facebook’s network provider but due to a routing mistake their private data went first to Chinanet then via Chinanet to SK Broadband in South Korea, then to Facebook. This means that anything you looked at via Facebook without encryption was exposed to anyone operating Chinanet, which has a very suspect Modus operandi.

This morning’s route to Facebook from AT&T:
route-server>show ip bgp (Facebook’s www IP address)
BGP routing table entry for, version 32605349
Paths: (18 available, best #6, table Default-IP-Routing-Table)
Not advertised to any peer
7018 4134 9318 32934 32934 32934

  1. AT&T (AS7018)
  1. Chinanet (Data in China AS4134)
  1. SK Broadband (Data in South Korea AS9318)
  1. Facebook (Data back to US 32934)

Current route to Facebook via AT&T:
route-server>sho ip bgp
BGP routing table entry for, version 32743195
Paths: (18 available, best #6, table Default-IP-Routing-Table)
Not advertised to any peer
7018 3356 32934 32934, (received & used)

  • Should Facebook and or AT&T have notified their customers that their personal information was flowing over a network that they may not trust?
  • Should Facebook enable SSL on all accounts by default?
  • Was this actually a privacy breach or just the way the Internet functions?
  • Does Facebook have an ethical responsibility to buy additional IP connectivity to major broadband and mobile networks to prevent routing mishaps?
  • Is it time to focus on new options within BGP to prevent high profile sites from routing to non-authenticated networks?

What could have happened with your data? Most likely absolutely nothing. Yet, China is well known for it’s harmful networking practices by limiting network functionality and spying on its users, and when your data is flowing over their network, your data could be treated as any Chinese citizens’. Does that include capturing your session ID information, personal information, emails, photos, chat conversations, mappings to your friends and family, etc? One could only speculate, however it’s possible.

Simply, we do not know what China will do with data of thousands of users, we do not know what kind of information you might have been sending in your wall posts, messages, etc. The point is you should not worry about it. Since all of us use antivirus software and we do not expect from our ISP to take care of it, why do we expect ISP’s and web sites we visit to secure our data if we do not care about it? This brings up a lot of questions:

This happens all the time — the Internet is just not a trusted network. Yet, I prefer to know that when I am on AT&T’s network, going to US located sites, my packets are not accidentally leaving the country and being subject to another nation’s policies. I guess that’s why you should not use Facebook in “bareback” mode and use HTTPS (SSL) any time you can.”

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