DNS geo-unlocker – unblock different online services?

dns geo-unlocker

So there is something you would like to watch on Hulu, Crackle, Netflix, HBO Go or some other site. You have used Google and found something called DNS geo-unlocker but have no clue what it is. Don’t worry. We are here to help!

DNS geo-unlocker – combine power of DNS and proxy servers

DNS geo-unlocker is simply another term or Smart DNS service. Sometimes people also call it Smart VPN but that is not really true. DNS geo-unlocker combines two technologies. Service of fast DNS server and special proxy servers located in different countries.

DNS server is a computer that “translates” names of the services into numbers. You might say his is a server that contains a map of the internet. When you enter an address in to your web browser or start an application that is requesting online data DNS servers tells your query where to go.

DNS geo-unlocker service works in two ways. All “ordinary” requests are processed by Smart DNS server just as they would have been by any DNS server. Letters are changed to numbers, IP address and query is directed to specific site. But Smart DNS server or as we call it in this article DNS geo-unlocker server has a list of specific pages/services. When user requests such address data needed for unblocking this specific service are transferred through proxy server. This way services like mentioned above – Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, BBC iPlayer and many more can be unblocked and accessed practically from any place in the world.

How to use DNS geo-unlocker – Smart DNS?

The details of set up depends on the device you want to use. In general all you need to do (once you have registered your Smart DNS account) is to manually enter DNS server address to your device (Smart TV, game console, router, phone, etc.). All step by step instructions can be found in “Support section” on our website.

Those of you using Windows or OSX system can also download our free VPN & Smart DNS app and whole setup process will be done for you. We would like to point out that you can test our Smart DNS service 7 days for free before you make your decision.

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