Check – does Cambridge Analytica have your data?

As you may have heard Facebook is facing a big scandal over the last few weeks. Facebook crysis is something you should not take lightly. It is something that will point your attention to matters of privacy and anonymity online. Also, we would like to help you check one important thing – does Cambridge Analytica have your data? 

#Facebookgate & Cambridge Analytica – what happened?

Over the past weeks there are constant discussions regarding access to personal data through Facebook. Do we know what data are stored by Facebook? Who can access them? How are we informed about things like that. Those questions were raised when news surfaced about fact that Cambridge Analytica gain access to data of over 57 million Facebook users and that special algorithms were used to help campaign of Donald Trump. Were we manipulated? Did other companies did similar things in the past? Was Russia behind this campaign?

In order to find answers to those questions Mark Zuckerberg was called to testify in front of US Congress and US Senate committees. If you wish to know more about the whole scandal, please follow this link where you will find all details covering this story.

Does Cambridge Analytica have your data?

The milk has been spilled. That is the fact. It is hard to say at this point how Facebook will change in order to avoid similar problems in future. From your point of view there is another important question to ask – does Cambridge Analytica have your data? In order to check this you can you special Facebook help address where you can check if yours or your friends data has been leaked and used.

does Cambridge Analytica have your data

How to make sure you are safe online?

There is no one, easy to follow rule to make sure you, your identity, your data are safe online. That is of course unless you are willing to go “all analogue” and stop using Internet and online services once and for all. If that is not something you can or want to do make sure you use all available tools to secure yourself. Antivirus, independent (from Google) search engines, safe browsers with “in-private” mode enabled and VPN.

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