Don’t ask what we can do for you…

A while back, at our FB profile we have asked if we can count on your help. As the feedback we got from you was quite good we thought we will try asking for your assistance. On many occasions we did our best in order to help you (with discounts and Free VPN accounts). We have upgraded our services, added servers and we count you as friends and partners.The time has come to seek your help. It is not a secret that every enterprise has to grow. If it does not sooner or later it gets eaten by “bigger fish”. But when doing it we would like to avoid wasting your money on senseless marketing campaigns. Instead of spending cash on banners we prefer to add additional servers to our Premium VPN packages so your service is richer and with bigger choice.

So far, HideIPVPN relied in its expansion on its users. We think, that people who join us because we were recommended by a friend or have read an honest review on the site they know stay with us longer than if it is just a banner click.

You are from all over the world and you speak lots of different languages. You know your “local internet” sites (blogs, forums, etc) much better than even Google. You know what is popular at your “local” internet area. You have different interest and hobbies. You have more eyes than we do and because of that your reach into the web is way bigger than anything we can dream of. We would like to use it.

We would very much appreciate if you could send us hints of who should we talk to in order to get new reviews and reach wider community on internet users. As you know, due to Google policy spreading links to our site all over the internet will do no good – quite opposite, so – please do not do it!

Once you send us link to such site (blog, forum, etc) we will try to get in touch with them and perhaps they will be interested reviewing our service. This way we will be visible in new places. Our most preferred sites should have similar approach to users/readers as we do. We do not talk about anything truly BIG and commercial. Rather something you visit because of the people you like, quality of articles you read or advises you get.

We will be waiting for you hints on Facebook, Google+ (via message) and under address: contact[at]

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