Easy tips to improve online privacy in 2018!

Last updated on February 13th, 2018 in News, VPN

Let’s face it. The best and 100% proof method or one of the tips to improve online privacy would be – stay offline. However, staying offline (as great for privacy as it is) is not really a solution to all our other needs. So if we are unable to stay offline what can we do to be more aware of the risks when we are online? Here is few tips to tips to improve online privacy in 2018. If you have more insights that can help others – please share!

As we have just stated above for a 101 different reasons all of us are unable to stay offline these days. Work & school emails, Facebook, online shopping, games, video services and many more. With every single day, more and more of our daily activities is performed online and moved to the Internet. With that in mind we should be aware of the dangers this situation creates and about things we can do to stay more safe, more secure and more private.

Tips to improve online privacy

  • Tip 1: regardless of the device or software you use – make sure you update to a new version as soon as it is available. Of course, we are aware that in some cases this will end badly, but the general rule is, that new software version is always better, more secure and with less loopholes.
  • Tip 2: delete all the data you can on regular basis. Not only cookies in your internet browser but everywhere you can. That would also include your Google searches and activities. And the same for all other online accounts and services that you use and that allow such action.
  • Tip 3: use alternative search engines to Google and Microsoft Bing. Not only those two will know less about your interests but also you will help improve competition online. As you know consumers benefit from competition on the market.
  • Tip 4: use (2FA) – two factor or two way authentication for all online services you can. This makes stealing of your online identity (data) a lot harder. Using a well review password manager can be a healthy option too.
  • Tip 5: do not send any sensitive data through open and publicly available networks. Even if they seem to have security protocol – don’t.
  • Tip 6: don’t use easy to brake and short passwords – especially don’t use your name, date of birth or similar easy to check information
  • Tip 7: NEVER open any attachments or links sent to you through social networks or e-mail. Even if you know the sender. In such case contact the sender and ask first about what it is that you were given and if they are aware of such message
  • Tip 8: use HideIPVPN service. On daily basis, the more the better.

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