Egyptians – we can help with your restricted internet access

internet-security-concept-by-chain-keyboardAs  probably all of you know by now there is a great unrest in Egypt in recent days. People are in the streets trying to make a change in their country. One of the problems that has arisen for internet users in Egypt is either lack of internet connection at all or if they do have it than access to many sites like google, Facebook or twitter (and similar) is highly restricted. In order to help Egyptians access these sites so they can tell the world about their situation, about what is happening right next to them we start a special promotion.

All accounts registered from the Egypt (until further notice) territory will have a special discount of 75% for the first month of service. All you have to do is to create Premium VPN account and then submit a ticket with a request for the special promo code.

This is the least we can do to help the situation. Once the package is active and VPN connections configured you will be able to access any site in the world without any problems, restrictions or knowledge of your local authorities. This means you can feel free and publish whatever you think people around the world need to know about. Remember we will keep your identity safe (that is valid for all our customers, regardless of VPN Package they use or they physical location). Not even your ISP will be able to trace and understand data flowing from and to you since all vpn connections are encrypted (Secure connection between your PC and the Internet (128-2048bit)).

If you live in any other country where you feel your privacy maybe invaded while browsing internet think about VPN – this really works.

And to internet users from around the world – remember (when you blog, post, tweet, etc…) YOUR IP IS YOUR ID!

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