Data Protection Day – use VPN!

DPD VPNData Privacy Day is nothing new. It is internationally recognized holiday. It is celebrated every year on 28 of January. Its main purpose is to “raise awareness and promote data privacy education. It is currently ‘celebrated’ in the United States, Canada, and 27 European countries. In Europe this holiday is referred to as Data Protection Day.” In recent years one could think of it as a very irrelevant holiday. But last year we have had PRISM scandal involving mass surveillance of internet users in the whole world. US & UK government agencies were involved as well as biggest IT corporations. Subject of privacy, anonymity and data security is a frequent guest on our blog and (especially) today it can not be different.

Be aware what you do online – do it through VPN

We are sorry that we will (again) say the thing that most of you know quite well. But since today is about raising awareness we would like to direct this post to all new visitors who did not hear about VPN and hiding IP address before. Let’s star with obvious truth – nothing you do online is anonymous.

Your IP is Your ID – Hide your IP – use VPN

Your IP address is like your ID card. It is visible to all sites and services you visit and use. Every single comment you publish online can be linked to your IP address (you get your IP from your ISP) and through IP directly to you. There is only one reliable technology that can hide your IP, encrypt your data and at the same time keep your browsing experience (speed of your internet) intact. It is VPN.

VPN – change your IP, encrypt your data, hide for your ISP

With VPN packages and software like the one offered by HideIPVPN you can be sure that all this will go away. Your IP address will be hidden at all times, your data encrypted and kept safe from hackers or even your Internet Service Provider. If you want to use internet in complete safety, privacy and anonymity you have to use it via active VPN connection!

Get VPN – use the internet as it used to be

VPN technology will not only hide your IP address. It will also allow you to replace it with a new one. With access to IP addresses from different countries you will be able to use the net as id used to be long time ago. Without borders, without geo-restricted access to services and materials. With VPN you will be able to unlock the most popular video and music services like Netflix, Hulu, Pandora, Spotify and many others…. anywhere in the world!

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