F1 weekend reminder – Monaco Grand Prix

f1And hello again! This weekend we would like to invite you to the most glamorous Formula 1 Grand Prix of the year. Monaco GP is already under way. Unlike other GP weekends we start early. Because race is organized right next to the sea, in the middle of the Monaco race weekend and first practice sessions are held on Thursday.

First (morning) practice was won by… yes Sebastian Vettel (again) and now (as we write this post) it seems that during second one he will not be very far of either. He is losing only half a second to Alonso and there are still 19 minutes (on my screen) to go.

First practice has finished like this:

  1. Sebastian Vettel – 1:16:619
  2. Fernando Alonso – loss of 0.113
  3. Nico Rosberg – loss of 0.520 (Michael Schumacher has crashed his car)

As you can see already with new tyres, narrow track and no room for smallest mistake (and KERS and DRS helping with overtaking) it seems like we will have super exciting race on Sunday, not to mention Qualification on Saturday.

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