F1 with HideIP VPN – get ready for Vroooom! :-)

BIG NEWS! BIG NEWS! Only 4 days left till first GP of new season. If you are excited about Sunday we do not blame you as we are as well. If anyone thought that last season was  extremely thrilling than what about current? New tires, new type of rear wing and KERS is BACK! Because BBC’s F1 broadcasts were very popular last year and we have received a lot of feedback from F1 fans we  decided to present you with a special package this year.

First things first. If you want to be a part of this year Championship fight it is best to have an access to the best broadcast available. We (and a lot of others around the world) think, that British BBC is the best. To every single GP BBC is sending a team of processional journalists and people who know F1 inside out. Thanks to that you have live broadcast going round the whole race weekend. With commentaries from garages, pit lane and even start grid. The best about this broadcast that thanks to the BBC it is available as a stream over the internet. This means that you can watch it almost on any device , from almost anywhere in the world (as long as your internet connection is quick enough and you have one of our Premium VPN packages that will provide you with UK IP). Once you have that all you need to do is visit this link at 6:00 AM (UK time) on Sunday, 27.03.2011.

First of the major changes this year are mentioned before new tires. Most of you knows this by now but for those who do not let us tell you what does those new 6 colors mean:

Wet – orange
Intermediate – light blue
Supersoft – red
Soft – yellow
Medium – white
Hard – silver

This should be much easier to follow on track than with the Bridgestone tires. Those new tires has not been in a race conditions yet how will it all play out we do not know but we can bet it will be very cool to watch! If you want to read more about tires follow this link.

Now… what is new with F1 and HideIP VPN?

We are glad to announce a new VPN package that is available for F1 fans. The F1 VPN offers:

  • Access to 3 UK servers in order to enjoy high quality experience while watching BBC online.
  • Monthly, quarterly and annually (all season) plans.
  • Immediate activation after the first payment.

Enjoy F1 VPN!

Please remember, while using a VPN connection your real IP and location are hidden and no one, even your ISP will not know what sites do you visit and what type of data you send and download. Thanks to VPN you can not only watch F1  races, or any other programs available as streams with UK IP, but also browse internet with full confidence of anonymity.

Remember, Your IP is your ID.

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