Free HBO Go for 7 days

3We know you love online VOD services like Netflix and Hulu. Also, our Poland VPN proves to be very popular. This is why we have decided to bring you news about promotion organized by HBO Poland. If you want to get free HBO Go read our post.

Poland does not have many VOD services that would be attractive to international users. All the Polish VOD services are rather focusing on Polish consumers. That means that if you do not speak the “lingo” they will not be very useful to you. Netflix or Crackle are not available in Poland, however there is a good chance that Netflix will start operating in Poland in 2016.

There is one service in Poland that is interesting for all VOD fans. It is HBO Go. As you know HBO has recently started new service in USA – HBO Now. However older offering HBO Go is still available. Poland is (as far as we know) the only other country that offers users access to HBO content via HBO Go service. Today we will tell you how to get it free. For 7 days only, but hey – better 7 days than nothing!

How to unblock HBO Go Poland?

That is very easy. All you need is our VPN plan with access to Polish VPN server or Smart DNS. With Smart DNS you can unblock all Polish VOD services including HBO Go. Also, Smart DNS will allow you to get best VOD, TV and music services from USA and UK. With one service you can unblock Netflix (US & UK content libraries), Crackle, Hulu BBC iPlayer, Amazon Prime Instant Video and of course HBO Go. So, how to get free HBO GO?

First of all you need to know, that HBO offer some shows completely free of charge and without need to register. If you want to see what is currently available to watch, follow this link. However to watch the whole HBO Go offering you need to register. At the moment HBO offers free HBO Go trial for 7 days to everyone, but not without a catch. You will need a Polish mobile number to receive SMS code. Use Facebook, Twitter (if you don’t have a Polish friend already) and you will find some one with Polish mobile in no time. Once you do either register for trial yourself or ask this person for help.

  1. Go to


Choose link on the right to register.

2. There you will see a place to enter a mobile phone number (it is needed to receive confirmation code) and you current ISP provider – tick “Inny” for different ISP, not on the list. Your choice in this section does not really matter as long as you can receive the SMS code.


Once registered you get unlimited access to all content and full 7 days of free HBO Go. If you are not our customer yet, bear in mind that also our Smart DNS service can be tested free for 7 days!


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