Win Free 3 months of Premium US/UK SmartDNS

US UK Smart DNSWe love SmartDNS service. From your comments we know that users also love our Smart DNS. Since SmartDNS lunched over a month ago we did not receive a single negative comment or opinion about the service. We thought it is time to let more of you to try all SmartDNS goodness. Contest time…

Unlock US & UK for free

In articles on our blog we have told you how to setup SmartDNS, how it works (roughly), how VPN & SmartDNS are different from each other. Also, all of you can take advantage of our 7 days free Trial of SmartDNS service and test the service any way you like. This means that all of you have equal chances to win 3 months of free Smart DNS service.

Who can win? Who can take part?

Simply anyone! We don’t care if you already have any other account with us. How ever if you have currently Premium SmartDNS account with us and will be chosen as winner we will not extend your current account. You will get chance to register new account – meaning, you can give it as a gift to someone you know 😉

SmartDNS contest task

Make a post on our Facebook Wall or Google + directly under post about the contest.

  • it has to be 100 words long,
  • it has to be about why SmartDNS is so awesome,
  • it has to include #tag words: #SmartDNS; #HideIPVPN; #unlockUS; #unlockUK

We will choose comments we like or the ones that gather most “Likes” (you can ask your Friends to like your comment). There is no due date, no limited number of prizes.

This contest is “always ON”! 😉

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