Godaddy DNS service issue

Update: 11.09.2012 Problem solved, Godady is back to normal.

Quick information to all of you experiencing problems with the internet today. If your access websites acts crazy. If you can connect to our VPN and not anywhere else… Or opposite – if you can only use internet through our VPN we have news for you. Looks like one of the biggest DNS providers ( has big problems due to Anonymous activity.
You may as what does it have to do with all that and what this DNS is… well… (in short!) DNS server is a computer that gives IP addresses it “human” names :-). Simply it is much easier for you to remember names like;; etc… instead of IP addresses (do you even know your own?). Now, one of big servers that combines names and numbers has problems. Basically it can not do it in a proper way. This is why, when you enter a name of a website query is send to DNS server and this server instead of providing correct IP address it gives nothing.

Because our service also uses GoDaddy DNS our servers have been affected as well.
We are truly sorry for that but as you can see it is completely out of our hands and not our fault. We will let you know as soon as we know that all services are back to normal. In the meantime, please be understanding if some websites or servers are not accessible in short periods of time.
We can assure you that GoDaddy staff is working hard on resolving this situation.

You can find more on the subject here:

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