Smart DNS improved again!

smart-dns2HideIPVPN has the best VPN service available on the market. We are always true to our word. We hide your IP address, we fight for your privacy and anonymity. At the same time HideIPVPN always tries to make itself and our VPN services better. With that in mind we have lunched in May new service, that unlocks US and UK sites, SmartDNS. 

How did we make best SmartDNS even better?

Smart DNS has combined the best of VPN and proxy technology in one, comprehensive service. Very simple setup and you can access many different restricted services via SmartDNS service. One of the best known is Netflix. If you follow our setup instructions you will be able to unblock Netflix on a very wide range of devices – smartphones, computers, tablets and even on any TV with HDMI port and small help from Android TV dongle. However SmartDNS had (when compared to VPN) has one deficiency – it does not allow for easy change of country. Most of the time it is not that important as we know how to direct traffic in order to unlock HULU outside US or unblock BBC abroad. But some services, like Netflix are available both in US and UK with different streaming libraries.

We have managed to overcome this issue and although we know it is not perfect we think you will appreciate to have a choice of accessing Netflix US or UK library via Smart DNS service.

At the moment DNS servers are set for all of you to unblock US Netflix library. If you want to unlock UK Netflix here is what you need to do.

SmartDNS Netflix region change

  1. Log in to your “Client area”
  2. Select your VPN or SmartDNS package
  3. Once selected you will notice information about current Netflix region active in your package as well as button to change it. If changed, follow additional points.
  4. Restart your device at which your DNS service is setup (including your router if DNS has been setup for whole network) – make sure that DNS cache on device that you use for watching Netflix content has been flushed (reset or reboot is the best option).
  5. Update your IP for Smart DNS service (if it has changed).

As we wrote, we understand it is not a perfect solution and we will work hard on improving it in future. If you will notice any issues our VPN support team is there for you.

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