#hashtags are now working with Facebook

VPN unlock #Facebook HashtagsOnly yesterday, brand new, awesome innovation (this part should be read as sarcasm 😉 ) – #hashtags was introduced by #Facebook. If you are using Twitter, Instagram or other social networks “#tags” should be well known to you, as they are present in those mieda for quite some time. For those of you unfamiliar with the concept few basic information. As you know Facebook can be a real mine (as Google or Bing) for information. However as we are sharing them mostly with close friends (not all posts are made public) it might be hard to search for some specific news, categories, etc. Especially now, since a lot of profiles (like ours) belong to companies that are contacting its customers via social media. #tags are sort of keywords that should help you locate desired content.

We think it will be best to present idea with an example. As you know, with our VPN servers you can easily unlock Facebook (access to FB) anywhere (work, school, certain countries that do not allow for direct access to this media). This information might be quite interesting to your friends. But it will be quite difficult to find on your profile after few months. We make comments on our profiles at least few times per day – this means that without such key words (or metadata) it is hard to dig through lots and lots of comments. If in your future comments, you will use #tags it will be easier for you and for your friends to find them (and all the information related to them).

Not only that. If you will use #tags as #VPN, #SmartDNS, #Netflixunlock, #anonymity, etc… You will be able to see what you, your friends or other people/companies (public posts of course) wrote about it.

Next time instead of Google you can search for specific subjects like #unlock #Facebook #VPN, #iplayer #abroad or #HideIPVPN on Facebook. This way you will get news, advice and opinion from people you know!

Let us remind you that we have still few promotional Smart DNS accounts left. Right now, you can still take advantage of our introductory #sale on our brand new #SmartDns service.

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