HBO Now is coming soon…


hbo now vpnNetflix, Crackle, Hulu and HBO… Well known names to any VOD & TV fan in the world. Different countries, different languages but the same desire everywhere. To watch new series, new movies. In good quality. Anywhere, anytime for a reasonable price. One of the hottest names in the industry is HBO and announced changes to its VOD service. Now we know a bit more…

UPDATE: HBO NOW is unblocked (follow the link).

HBO Go unblocked!

As you know HBO has/had a big problem with its VOD service. On one hand side, most of the HBO revenue comes from big cable operators with the most important and profitable market being in US. To appease users and cable providers HBO has started a while ago VOD service under name of HBO Go. Currently via our US VPN and Smart DNS users can access and use freely HBO Go from US and HBO Go from Poland. However this is not service loved by people, as is Netflix. The reason for it is the fact that in order to use it you need to be a customer of a cable TV provider, in most cases you need to pay for the service itself and additionally for HBO Premium channels. Because of that, HBO was criticised by almost everyone who was not able to use its offering and was “forced” to use torrents and P2P networks instead.

You also have to remember, that with most of its income coming from cable TV and with quite popular “cord cutting” fashion HBO was standing astride. However a while ago we have heard that HBO plans to start a new, stand alone service available for everyone (on selected markets) as is Netflix.  Today we can tell you more!

New service from HBO will be called HBO Now. It will lunch this spring, together with new season of “Game of Thrones”. It has been priced at $15 per month. More than Netflix, but as similar level to what users pay (in US) for HBO channels and HBO Go service.

We will do our best to unblock HBO Now on day 1. We are certain that it will work via all our US VPN servers. At first, supposedly HBO Now will be introduced on  Apple TV platform. It is not certain at this point if service will be available to access via website and how soon after lunch apps for other platforms will be introduced. However considering that service was created with openness in mind we are certain that they will join Apple TV shortly.

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