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In March we have promised you that we will do our best to unblock access to upcoming, new VOD service from HBO – HBO Now. Today HBO Now lunched and we have some very good news for those of you interested in the new service.

HBO Go vs HBO Now

As many of you know with our Smart DNS service we have already unblocked HBO Go USA and HBO Go Poland. This means that if you are HBO Premium subscriber in Poland or USA, or if you know someone who is and will share their account, you can now enjoy HBO Go service almost anywhere in the world on all supported (by HBO) devices.

But as you can see above there was a catch – to use HBO one needed to be HBO Premium subscriber. HBO was criticized for this policy for a long time. Many said that they are using Bittorrent VPN simply because they are not able to subscribe to HBO Go service and pay for it a separate product.

To answer such calls HBO created new service called HBO Now. However (also in order to not antagonize cable networks) it will not be sold directly by HBO but distributed by it’s partners.

First one to (currently) get the exclusivity for HBO Now sales is Apple. Via you US iTunes account (you can create one without US credit card) you can now subscribe to HBO Now service. Also, you should be able with US iTunes gift cards.

With our SmartDNS service you will be able to watch new “Game of Thrones V” on all your iOS devices including iPad, iPhone and of course Apple TV.

Beside Smart DNSĀ all US VOD and music services like Netflix, Crackle, Hulu, FOX, NBC, Pandora can be accessed via our US VPN servers. Once connected your IP address will be hidden and you will surf the internet under IP address from USA.

So… another proof of our commitment to you just went live. We have promised you HBO Now with our SmartDNS and we have delivered!


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