HideIP VPN recommends: Come fly with me (by creators of Little Britain)

If you liked Little Britain (see our recommendation here) we have very good news for you. Matt Lucas and David Walliams have returned in a new comedy series set in a busy airport. It is a brand new comedy series presented by BBC Three (available to watch live with one of our Premium VPN packages) and here you can have a look what Google says about new show.This is what BBC says about their new production: “Your view of airports and the people who work there will never be the same again, as the BBC’s cameras have been given unprecedented access to one of Britain’s busiest airport terminals.

For months, the producers have followed anyone and everyone to produce this portrait of life at the cutting edge of aviation. From check-in staff to cabin crew, from pilots to paparazzi, and from low-cost airline owners to their unfortunate passengers, all human life is here – and all played by Lucas and Walliams.

This week, 80-year-old Hetty Wolf takes her first ever flight with Great British Aduty, and Chief Immigration Officer Ian Foot has found a suspicious passportir, husband and wife pilots Simon and Jackie sort out their marriage at 35,000 feet above Sweden, and Omar Baba, owner of low-cost carrier FlyLo, is forced to do something about the lack of life-jackets on his planes. Meanwhile, Omar’s most junior employee Taaj is on buggy.

Two episodes have already been aired. They are both available to watch with BBC iPlayer (first one till 3rd of February 2011). In order to watch please connect to one of our 8 UK based servers and follow this link: Come fly with me – Episode 1 (show is available to watch in HD format: Come fly with me HD).


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