HideIPVPN recommends Food Revolution by Jamie Oliver

HideIPVPN recommends Food Revolution by Jamie OliverFor a while now we have not recommended you any interesting content from the sites available to all of you with our VPN. Right now, we have for you something fresh, something new, something funny and entertaining. Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution!

It does not matter if you are not in America, and it does not matter if you are not fat – every one of us should try to eat as healthy as possible and thanks to Jamie. It is now much easier and still yummy (in some cases – like me – my food tastes now even better than it used to). But, who is Jamie and what is going on here?

Who us Jameie? And what is Food Revolution by Jamie Oliver

Jamie is first of all very nice chap. He is British and in UK he is one of the Celebrity Chefs, like Mr Gordon Ramsay. The difference is Jamie is some one you like and someone who is like you and me. And who cooks and eats normal stuff and who does not act as a celebrity. All his programs are great to watch. They are smart and funny with lots of knowledge about how to cook good, healthy, how to buy food. If you have watched any of his programs on one of British channels (BBC, ITV, Channel 4, etc) or first season of Food Revolution we do not need to say to you much more. You have to agree with us that it is a quality entertainment. If you have not – please do, we promise you will not regret it!

How to watch Food Revolution by Jamie Oliver

In order to watch, connect to one of our US VPN servers and once you’re connected just enjoy it on Hulu or ABC.

Please note, that with hulu (one you need set up an account – IT IS FREE!!!) you can subscribe to this program (as to all others available for free) and be notified via e-mail once new episode is published on line.

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