HideIP VPN recommends: SNL – Saturday Night Live

We thought that with so many video materials available all over the world it is easy to miss a lot good stuff. Because we ourselves use VPN to unblock sites like HULU and others (Pandora, BBC, ITV, etc.) everytime we will find something good in our opinion we will share it with you. Also if (thanks to access to the internet through VPN) you will find something cool, please share with us and with the rest of our community.

Today we start with Saturday Night Live – one of the best, the oldest, the greatest comedy programs in the world! Saturday Night Live (lets call it SNL from now on) started its life on 11th of October 1975. YES, 35 years ago!!!! and it is still on!!!! It is a late night show that every Saturday evening is broadcasted LIVE! from New York. Since 35 years every single week it has a Star as a Host/main guest and a another one as a musical guest. Every single week there is a completely new material, new sketches, new stand up dialogues.  Every single week you can see what Americans are laughing at in regard of themselves and world.

There is one more thing worth to know about SNL. Over 35 years of its history the best and most famous comedians had a period (often as a start to their career) of cooperation with SNL  show.

Let me just mention few names 🙂 : Dan Aykroyd, John Belushi, Jim Belushi, Dana Carvey, Chevy Chase, Billy Crystal, Joan Cusack, Robert Downey, Jr., Jimmy Fallon, Chris Farley, Will Ferrell, Chris Kattan, Eddie Murphy, Bill Murray, Mike Myers, Chris Rock, Adam Sandler, Rob Schneider, Martin Short, Sarah Silverman, Damon Wayans and many others.

If you were wondering where you can watch SNL now, answer is very simple – at Hulu.com.

All you need is one of our Premium VPN packages with access to US servers and…. that is it :-). Nothing else is needed! So if you are our customer but do not have access to US servers (or you are a new customer) – please try one of the following Premium packages:

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Current SNL episode on HULU: Season 36; episode 8 – hosted by Robert De Niro.

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