HideIPVPN Christmas & New Year NL VPN giveaway

Hello to you on second day of Christmas. We have promised in our post about Holiday VPN promotions that daily we will giveaway some of our awesome Free VPN accounts. Today it is time for some Free NL VPNUnlike our Free US/UK VPN accounts that were gave away yesterday (and will be offered again tomorrow – look for news about it on our blog or Facebook/Twitter – one of these will publish information) NL VPN has a slightly different purpose and usability.

Free NL VPN account allow you to:

  • Connect using PPTP protocol. OpenVPN is offered as premium service
  • Access one server located in Netherlands.
  • P2P/Torrent traffic is allowed. (without any limitations on amounts of uploaded or downloaded data)
  • Hides your real IP address and keeps your identity safe

Remember! Do not create more than 1 account! If you break this rule your account(s) will be terminated.

If you were not lucky today you can either keep monitoring our blog and Facebook Wall for another giveaway tomorrow or you can take advantage of our Christmas VPN sale.

VPN saleAll accounts are gone.

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