HideIPVPN recommends: Misfits & Top Gear

Hello again to all of you. We have again some greats recommendations for you both from HULU in USA and BBC iPlayer in UK. We also promise to keep those updates a bit more frequent. Today we will be very British, although one of the show is presented at American web site and you will need an access to USA VPN servers. Ok… let’s get to business.Top Gear is probably one of few world recognized TV brands. If you like cars and cars related topics  – search no further. Top Gear has always been a place of great humour. A place where you could see the  fastest, most expensive cars, cool celebrities and all sorts of crazy ideas. Every new season of the show presented by Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond is eagerly anticipated by all fan around the world. So, we bet that many of you is using our Premium UK VPN servers in order to get it on time. And yes! You have guessed correct – Top Gear, its 17th series is back on BBC Two on Sundays evenings. If you have missed first episode (aired on 26.06.2011) like we did – worry no more! Thanks to BBC (and our excellent VPN servers, which by the way start at $5.99/month ) you can still watch it at BBC iPlayer. What’s more, if your internet connection is fairly fast our servers guarantee, that you can watch it in HD quality!!!

So… don’t waste your time! TV shows and films have a limited time of validity at iPlayer web site. Connect and watch. If you did not use our service yet, go to Premium section and choose VPN Package that is the best for you. Remember – no contract, anonymity and satisfaction guaranteed!

Second today’s recommendation is a British TV series (available to watch at hulu.com) – called Misfits. Before we go any further click here to watch the trailer.

If you want to hear (yes, hear!) piece of real Britain (different English accents, etc.), if you enjoyed HEROES this might be a show for you. IMDB.com rates this show at 9.0 out of 10 – that does not happen to often, does it?

To all of you with access to our US VPN servers – simply connect and follow the hulu.com link. To all first time visitors we say the same as above.

Go to Premium section and choose VPN Package that is the best for you. Remember – no contract, anonymity and satisfaction guaranteed!

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