HideIPVPN software for Windows update

0It is our great pleasure, that free VPN & Smart DNS application for Windows has just been updated. Here is what’s new and how to proceed.

What’s new in VPN & Smart DNS app?

  • OpenVPN connection gets option to choose between TCP or UDP protocols;
  • OpenVPN connection gets option to choose between 443, 555, 992 or 1194 ports;
  • We have added DNS leak protection feature;
  • Our software will check if Proxy option is enabled;
  • We have improved Smart DNS settings screen;
  • Also lots of other minor improvements, design optimizations and of course bugs fixes.

VPN & Smart DNS update process

If you currently do not use our free VPN and Smart DNS application for Windows click here for download.

1. (1) and (2). If you use our software (older version) please restart it. Once restarted you will see that the update is ready. Click “UPDATE” to continue.




2. You will be prompted if you want to install new version. Please click YES to restart app and use updated version. If you want your software to be updated next time it starts, click NO.


3. We have changed and reorganized available VPN protocols (3) and added new VPN locations (4).


4. Last screen gives you option to:

(5) – connect to VPN on login

(6) – reconnect to VPN if connection is dropped

(7) – choose protocol nad port for Open VPN protocol

(8) – you can now activate DNS leak protection

(9) – we added notification button. It will be highlighted once new version of the software is available or we have some software news. Also our software will check if Proxy option is enabled and will alert you.


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