HideIPVPN Thanksgiving Giveaway of Free VPN accounts (2)

It’s time (again) to give away some Free VPN accounts in order to celebrate the Thanksgiving. Now, we offer 20 US/UK Free VPN accounts. Earlier later today we gave away 20 Free NL VPN accounts.

20 Free US/UK HideIpVPN accounts are available now! Enjoy!

As you already know the free US & UK VPN accounts allow you to:

  • Connect using PPTP protocol. OpenVPN is offered as premium service.
  • Access both US and UK servers
  • P2P/Torrent traffic is NOT allowed.

Remember! Do not create more than 1 account! If you break this rule your account(s) will be terminated.

The accounts are taken in a few minutes. If you do not get one don’t be upset, we will try to give some more as soon as we can! If you did got your Free VPN account we would love to hear form you on Facebook or G+.

Update: All accounts are gone. Congratulations to all of you 😉

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