HideIPVPN UK5 Server Upgrade

server upgradeLooks like this years spring will be full of changes. Only few days ago we’ve let you know about upgrade to one of our US VPN servers. Today upgrades to make our VPN service better continue. Starting today, all customers with access to UK VPN servers and connecting to UK5 VPN are using new, improved server. To find out what changed and what is new read our post below. All customers connecting to UK5 VPN server are now using a new, improved server. Here are in short some details you should know. Those news are especially interesting to those of you trying to use UK Netflix library.

How will this affect your connection settings?

Our new server, is located in London and it is available under the same name as the old one – uk5.hideipvpn.com. Efficiency of the new VPN server remains at “up to 1 Gbps”. If you have created your UK VPN connection manually by using server’s IP address, please log in to “Client Area” to check new IP address of the server. Our customers that are using our free VPN apps (Windows, Mac OS X, iOS and Android) do not need to take any steps. Your apps will connect to new VPN server.

If you are using OpenVPN, please make sure you use the proper configuration. You’ll have to download OpenVPN config files. Please select OpenVPN config files

Please note! You might want to know that UK5 VPN now allows for unrestricted access to Netflix UK, BBC iplayer and other geo-restricted UK services. We hope that will not change, but as you know not everything depends on us in this matter. For now, if you want to access UK Netflix content, you are more than welcome to use new server.

If you encounter any problems with new server, please login to your Client Area and open a support ticket.

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