HideIPVPN Windows and macOS software update

Important:This is an important announcement! Please read carefully.

We are very happy and proud to announce very significant, very powerful and very important changes for all HideIPVPN clients using Windows and macOS X platforms. We’ve worked a lot to bring you this great news. Please, read below post very carefully so that you know what changes to expect.

In case of any problems – which we hope there will be none – of course you are welcome to contact us in any way you likes: live chat on our website, support ticket from “Client Area” or through social media. Our team is ready 24/7  to help you. So, what will change and why is it important?

The most important!

  • Windows 7,8 and 10 users – Please download and install new HideIPVPN Windows app v. 5.0.1. Starting next month, older versions of our apps will no longer be supported. That means in case of any problems we will not be able to help you. Also don’t forget to uninstall the previews version of HideIPVPN software.
  • Windows XP and Vista users – It is especially important to note for those of you still running Windows XP and Vista. We do recommend you to upgrade your system to Windows 10. If you can not, please note that the current version will stop working in a month. The last version of VPN app you will be able to use is v.4.0.04 and it will not be further developed. To upgrade to version you have to download it here.
  • macOS X users – for the version 3.0.7 and lower please, remove the HideIPVPN app and install our latest 5.0.1 version, download it here.


What’s new ?

We are very proud to present you with new features, refreshed looks and less bugs in the code. Before we proceed or rather before you proceed with installation of our new software, please go to your “Control Panel” and manually remove HideIPVPN app, currently installed on your system. The good news here is, that it is the last time we ask you to do it. Starting with our new free VPN app version 5.0.1 for Windows and macOS will now self update whenever new features will be available.

  • New design – Looks of the application has been completely changed. We think you will like what we did. New looks should be especially welcomed by those of you, who are running Windows 10 devices with touch screens.
  • Smart Location – We will also notice a brand new feature called “Smart location”. This function allows to quickly connect to the best VPN server available in your current location. If security, anonymity, privacy are your main concern and at the same time you wish to simply use Internet without delays – and are not concerned about from which country your IP address will be – simply press “Smart Location”.
  • New Sort by Speed – Remember our “Sort by speed” feature? This function allows you to choose country of which IP address you wish to have and show you the server that has lowest ping to your location. In theory the connection established between you and such server should be the shortest and most efficient one. Use this function before every connection as this situation – established route – will change.
  • Automated change of protocol – Our app will automatically change the VPN protocol while connecting in case there are some issues with the currently selected protocol.
  • Favorite Servers and Countries – This is another new feature we thought you might like. If there are certain countries who’s IP address you use more than others and certain VPN servers, now you can add them to your Favorites to gain quicker access. This feature limits number of necessary clicks to establish connection with the VPN server you like.

And of course less bugs than before… 😉

We tried to make the newer version as stable as possible and we hope it will be even better than the previous one. However, if you run into any problems or will have any questions regarding new software, upgrade or VPN in general – feel free to get in touch us.

We are looking forward to read your opinions about new HideIPVPN Windows and macOS VPN apps and about new features and countries you would like to see introduced. Feel free to comment under this post.

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