How to register HBO Now outside of USA

register HBO Now outside of USAIf you were dreaming about getting HBO VOD service for yourself we may have some very good news for you. Look like it is quite easy to register HBO NOW outside of USA. It did work for us and we will be very curious if it will wok for you. You will need valid credit card (HBO Now is subscription based service) and an Android device to make it work.

Register HBO Now outside of USA in easy steps

You will find plenty information on our blog about how to gain access to Netflix and Hulu Plus. However HBO services were sort of a “Unicorn” among them. We all know they are out there but accessing them was not possible. First HBO introduced a service called HBO Go. It is already present in few countries outside of USA, but in order to use them one has to be a customer of specific ISP or Cable TV provider. In this case the only way to use them is through shared account with a friend or family member. Things have changed when HBO introduced new VOD service HBO Now. As it turns out even if you do not live in USA you can get access to all its content. Here is how.

1. First, you need to prepare your Google Account for registration of such service. Go to Google Play account (website) and add a payment method. In our case, we have used a credit card with Polish billing address.

Google play add payment method

2. Once this is done it is time to download HBO Now app to your Android device. In order to do so, you have to access US Google Play Store. Here is what you have to do. First, you need to clear data and cache of your Google Play application. Go to Settings/Applications. Then in Application manager (1) and find and press on Google Play Store app (2)


3. Once inside use option “Clear Data”(3). Don’t worry, you will not have to enter any logins or passwords again.


4. With that done you’ll need to fire up US VPN on our device. We recommend you to use our free Android VPN app to do that. Just sign in, press on US flag, choose one of our US servers and press CONNECT!

HideIPVPN VPN Android app

5. After connection with VPN server is established, please start Google Play app. You will be prompted to agree to Google Play terms and conditions. Press Accept.

google store USA

6. If successful you should see US Google Play Store, with prices in USD. Now, simply enter HBO Now in search bar or follow this link. Install HBO Now application.

register HBO Now outside of USA
7. HBO Now will not ask for your credit card, all payments will be done via Google Play (the same as cancellation in case you do not want to use it anymore). Now, all you need to do is to start HBO Now app on your device and register HBO Now outside USA! For that you will need to enter your Name, e-mail address (can be different than Google), password and US ZIP CODE (any valid US post code will work). At the end just tick the box that you agree to terms and conditions.

register HBO Now outside of USA

Once registered, you can use HBO Now service on all supported devices both via VPN and Smart DNS. This is how you can register HBO Now outside US.

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