How to save money on your favourite VPN & SmartDNS service?

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Do you know who is the most important for HideIPVPN?…. You! Yes, you – our customers, our Friends! This is why a while back we have introduced an initiative that lets you save a little bit of money on your VPN or SmartDNS plans. Today it is time for a small modification of original idea.

We work for Premium (VPN & SmartDNS) customers!

Being a customers of many different services ourselves we know exactly how it is after you sign up. If there is a long term contract (there is no fixed-term contract with HideIPVPN!!!) than you are in even worse position. Only “customers to be” are important and all the new benefits are only for them. As you know it is not true with us. If you do something new, better we do it for all of you. But that was still not enough. We wanted to give you chance to get a bonus from us even more often just to say “Thank you” for choosing us. “Thank you” for trusting in our VPN, for using our Smart DNS. And because of that we came up with the idea of “social discount”.

Of course all this works both ways. We also like to hear that you do like our service and that you do recommend us to others. So, beside an affiliate program (no every one is into such programs) we want to give you 10% OFF your next payment in exchange for very simple task.

1. On YOUR (not ours!!!!) Facebook Wall please post a graphic below with those 5 #tag words: #hideipvpn; #vpn; #smartdns; #tryfree; #askme

Remember, this post has to be set to “Public”.

Post me on your Facebook Wall

2. Once posted, send us a private message (again, on Facebook) with your e-mail address (the same one you use with HideIPVPN service). Once we confirm that we can see your post (this is why it has to be “Public”- if you use different privacy setting we will not be able to see it) we will arrange 10% discount on your next payment on your account.

Sounds fair?

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