How to unblock music websites anywhere

This is quite often overlooked and you may not realize this, but with the help of VPN & Smart DNS services, you can gain access to almost unlimited world of music. Streaming services, music websites, thousands of radio stations from all over the world. All this is only a few clicks away regardless of your real location. However, due to geo-restrictions quite a lot of content may not be available to you straight away. Read our post and learn how to easily unblock music websites. Anywhere, anytime on any device. 

Why are music websites blocked?

Problem music fans face is the same one that affects movie fans. Copyrights and fragmentation. In other words, there are so many companies all around the world that hold rights to songs, albums, music groups, videos. They all have different licenses, for different purposes. And due to that, popular music websites do have strong geographical restrictions. Additionally – like with Netflix – even if service is available in many different countries, the content it offers in all of them may be very different. So, how can you unblock music websites or content that is not available in your location?

How to unblock music websites with VPN?

There are two, very simple ways to unblock music websites, unblock music streaming services and at the same time improve online safety and anonymity. First one is VPN. VPN stands for a virtual private tunnel. This is a special kind of connection that creates a sort of a virtual tunnel in unsecured networks with a very strong encryption. The VPN connection is created between you and a VPN server. And this fact is the one, that makes the unblock of music websites possible.

Once you are connected to a VPN server all other websites, services, etc. you will connect to, no longer can recognize your local IP address but the one that belongs to a VPN server. Connect to a VPN server in different countries to change your location. Click if you wish to know more about how VPN works.

How to unblock music websites with SmartDNS?

Smart DNS works in a similar way. Although it does not offer you encryption, safety and privacy of VPN it is perfect for devices without VPN support. Smart DNS is a combination of “special” DNS server and proxy servers located in different countries. When your devices are using Smart DNS your data are redirected to a proxy server and again it’s IP is recognized as a user. This is the second way to change region and unblock music websites.

Why use HideIPVPN to unblock music websites?

With help of our service, you can unblock music websites in 11 countries – this is where our VPN servers are located. Pandora Radio, iHeartRadio, Amazon Music, Spotify, Apple Music, Radio com, SoundCloud Go, Napster US, TuneIn Radio and more are only a few clicks away. Add to that the most popular VOD services – like US Netflix or Hulu, great customer support 24/7, awesome prices, fast and reliable service and the fact to you are welcome to check and test our service before you buy.


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